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Winery in Focus: Finca La Anita

Winery in Focus: Finca La Anita


After only a 30-minute drive outside the city centre, one can be welcomed by a stunning sight of Finca la Anita, a 50- year old vineyard covering about 64 hectares of land at the base of the Andes Mountains.  As Argentina’s thriving wine industry is well known across international lines, Finca la Anita is characterised by its chateaux style of wine production, making wines only from the surrounding vines – which you can explore in a horse drawn carriage!

With a 70- year old parral that’s used to making their top wines, Finca la Anita has progressed with its tendency to experiment. A formerly male dominated vineyard now composed of mainly women work diligently with the development of new and different wines each year.

Finca la Anita also exhibits an elegant art salon with polished Chilean sculptures in front of the winery, as the father of the owner, was an artist who specialised in importing sculpture. Originally from Buenos Aires, Manuel Mas named this small production vineyard after his mother, Anita. He then patented the word “Finca,” as he was the first to use the name for a wine line.

Set apart by its boutique feel and cultural appeal, Finca la Anita embodies a variety of characteristics that make it a lovely visit in Lujan de Cuyo. Open Mon – Fri, with reservations.

By Jessica Needle

Published in the October/November 2013 edition of Wine Republic

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