Mendoza has three main wine regions: historic Maipu (closest to the city); the heartland of Malbec Lujan de Cuyo; and the most up-and-coming region Uco Valley. There are over 1000 wineries in Mendoza, but here is a snapshot at some of the best to visit in the area. Check out our articles on different wineries in the Articles section and Wineries category.

City       Luján de Cuyo       Maipú       Valle de Uco


Mendoza City

Los Toneles
City Center winery Los Toneles has a charming Old World feel and excellent restaurant. It is a five minute walk east of the bus station.
Acceso Este Lateral Norte 1360, 5519 Mendoza. (0261) 431-0403. Open everyday.

Luján de Cuyo

Clos de Chacras
(20min. from City – Restaurant)
Charming boutique operation with nice history. A ve minute walk from Chacras plaza. Best Wine: Gran Estirpe.
(0261) 496 1285/155 792706. Monte Libano s/n, Luján de Cuyo.

Terrazas de los Andes
(30 min. from City – Restaurant – Lodging)
The fine wine sister of Chandon Argentina is a beautifully restored bodega with well-appointed tasting room. Make sure to try our favourite: Cheval de los Andes.
(0261) 488 0704/5. Thames and Cochamaba, Perdriel

Luigi Bosca
(20 min. from City)
The Arizu dynasty are the royal family of Argentine wine and their seat of operations is a handsome and elegant 110-year old winery.
(0261) 498 1974. San Martin 2044, Mayor Drummond, Luján de Cuyo.

Catena Zapata
(30 min. from City)
Showcase winery designed like a Mayan temple overlooking vineyards and the Andes Mountains. Rich, complex wines.
(0261) 413 1100. Cobos s/n, Luján de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
Great Malbec and gourmet lunches make Melipal one of the most exclusive wineries to visit.
(0261) 4790202. R.N.7, 1056km, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City)
An old style winery ran by one of Argentina’s most famous winemaker dynasties the De La Motta family.
(0261) 524 1621. Terrada 1863, Mayor Drummond, Luján de Cuyo.


Viña Cobos
(30 min. from City)
American winemaker Paul Hobbs was one of the rst to recognise the possibilities of Malbec and his Bramare label is possibly one of the best examples of this varietal.
(0261) 479 0130. R.N. 7, Lujan de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City – Restaurant – Lodging)
Great wine lodge Club Tapiz, high- end restaurant Terruño and an instructive wine tour including barrel and bottle tasting.
(0261) 490 0202. Ruta Provincial 15, Km 32. Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

(30 min.from City)
A boutique traditional sparkling wine producer with gorgeous bubbles that can be enjoyed from their terrace overlooking vines.
(261) 5242290, Costa Flores, s/n, Perdriel.

Alta Vista
(20 min. from City)
Masterful mix of modern and traditional. Tasting includes distinctive Torrontes or single vineyard Malbecs.
(0261) 496 4684. Álzaga 3972, Chacras de Coria, Lujan de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City)
Two Malbec pioneers – Santiago Achaval and Robert Cipresso, break new, exciting ground with rich, mineral wines from unusual terroirs. This tiny, boutique operation only sells from the winery.
Cobos 2142. Tel. 261 5616691.

Belasco de Baquedano
(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
Gleaming modern facility with fascinating aroma room and restaurant with Andean view. (0261) 524 7864. Cobos 8260, Luján de Cuyo.

Familia  Blanco Wines
Family-owned, modern and practical winery. It is branded by the passion and can do attitude of the owners. The most popular wine is Bonarda. The winemaker in charge is the famous Giuseppe Franceschini. Visits available every day from 10am to 17pm.
Nieto Senetiner
(20 min. from City – Restaurant)
Located in a beautiful old winery in Chacras, Senetiner was founded in 1888 and makes a great range of wines and sparkling wines.
(261) 496 9099, Guardia Vieja S/N, Vistalba, Luján de Cuyo.

Benegas Lynch
(20 min. from City)
Rich history and richer wines. Lovely old bodega with lots of character. Best Wine: Cabernet Franc.
(0261) 496 0794. Ruta 60. Cruz de Piedra.

(30 min. from City)
Modern, medium size winery on the main road to Chile just before the mountains and has a nice family feel to it. Best Wine: Fiano (261)156992890. R.N.7 km 1060, Agrelo.

Dominio del Plata
(40 min. from City – Restaurant)
Argentina ́s most famous female winemaker Susana Balbo is creating some rich and complex wines in the heart of Agrelo.
(0261) 498 9200. Cochabamba 7801 Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

(20 min. from City – Restaurant)
This Chilean-owned winery creates the label Punto Final. Small, modern operation with tours that include a hands-on lesson in blending. Brandsen 1863, Lujan de Cuyo.
(0261) 524-4416 or 524-4417.

(15 min. from City – Restaurant)
Owner of the oldest white wine in South America. Try the hand-crafted sparkling wine made from 100 year old vines.
(0261) 498 0011 Ext. 27. (261) 6815961 San Martin 1745, Mayor Drummond. Luján de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
A beautiful mix of old and new, this winery mixes tradition and modernity in an old style winery with a super modern restaurant with splendid views of the vineyards and mountains.
(261) 6967848. Brandsen 505, Perdriel.

Carmelo Patti
(20 min. from City – Restaurant)
Mendoza’s most famous garagista. Carmelo Patti himself is often there to show you around (in Spanish). Best Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon from the barrel.
(0261) 498 1379. San Martin 2614, Luján de Cuyo.

(40 min. from City – Restaurant)
Attractive, modern facility with spectacular views of the mountains from the cozy tasting room.
(0261) 524 4748. Bajo las Cumbres 9003, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
Tasting room where one entire wall is a subterranean cross section of the actual vineyard clay, roots and rocks. Fabulous restaurant.
(0261) 498 9400. Roque Saenz Peña 3135, Vistalba.

(30 min. from City)
Modern-style Budeguer winery offers you the chance to blend wine and art in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Its superb terrace is open until 8pm and it is the perfect spot to sip a glass of Malbec enjoying the sunset.
Reservations required at or (0261) 6830749- R.P.N.15 Km 31,5 Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo. Mendoza.

Achaval Ferrer
(30 min. from City)
Modern boutique close to Mendoza riverbed. Big concentrated wines.
(0261) 488 1131. Cobos 2601, Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo.
http://www.achaval-ferrer. com

(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
The original foreign investor, French- owned Chandon has been making great sparkling wines in Mendoza since the 1960s.
(0261) 490 9968. R.P.15, Km 29, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

Ruca Malen
(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
Excellent food, great guiding and rst-class wines. The pairings over lunch make for an unforgettable culinary experience.
(0261) 5537164 / 4540974. R.N.7 Km 1059, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City)
This rustic 80 year-old winery houses a new venture by the prestigious Chilean winery Montes. Big and powerful wines, destined for fame.
(0261) 4761111-14 INT 113 / Mobile (0261-153 530 789) /Mobile (0261-155 509 453)

Estrella de Los Andes
(30 min. from City)
Old World winery and canteen style restaurant with a railway theme.  Simple and authentic. Tel. 2612213899 / 2614649190.

Dante Robino
(30 min. from City)
Founded in 1920, an atmospheric old- style winery with a modernist, light- lled tasting room with excellent view of mountains and vines.
(0261) 488 7229 Ext. #2. Callejón Maldonado 240, Perdriel.

Familia Cassone
(30 min. from City)
A charming, family owned winery in a beautiful setting. Try the jasmine tinted rosé amidst the pastoral splendour of the owner’s expansive garden. Anchorena y Terrada. (261) 424 6301.

(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
A beautifully designed winery with clear views of the mountains and a large terrace used for sunset wine events after 6.30pm on Thursdays.
(261) 498 9550, Ruta 7, 6.5km, Luján de Cuyo.

Pulenta Estate
(40 min. from City)
Cool minimalist design and rich complex wines make this a winery with nesse and style. Best Wine: Cabernet Franc.
(0261) 155 076426. Ruta 86, Km 6.5. Luján de Cuyo.

Trez Wines
(40 min from City)
Three friends making award winnning wine in a small, circular winery.Tel. 4877085 y  +54 9 2616854019.

(40 min. from City)
Exemplary biodynamic vineyard set in the rustic splendor of Ugarteche. Ideal for families and nature lovers.
Calle Cobos s/n.(0261) 153468398.

Catena Zapata
(30 min. from City)
Showcase winery designed like a Mayan temple overlooking vineyards and the Andes Mountains. Rich, complex wines.
(0261) 413 1100. Cobos s/n, Luján de Cuyo.

(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
Old-style cellars contrast with a high- tech production line. Tank and barrel tastings,and jug llings on Thursdays are popular with the locals.
(0261) 490 9700. R.P.15, Km 23.5. Perdriel. Luján de Cuyo.


Don Manuel Villafañe
(25 min. from city)
Modern winery in the wide open vineyards of southern Maipú. Intense, complex wines. Art exhibition all year long.
Ruta 60 s/n, Rodeo del Medio. Maipú. (0261) 5083067.

Finca Agostino
(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
Elegant and picturesque winery with ancient vines and walled orchard. Offer superb lunches and cookery classes. Carril Barrancas 10590, Maipú.
( 261) 5249358.

Familia Zuccardi
(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
A professional, far-sighted operation. Attractive restaurant amidst the vines, famous for its asado-style lunches and generous wine pourings.
(0261) 441 0000. R.P. 33, Km 7.5, Maipú.

Rutini / La Rural
(20 min. from City – Museum)
Well-stocked museum with invaluable antiques like cowhide wine presses and buckets. Giant oak tanks stand in large, cavernous halls.
(0261) 497 2013 Ext.125. Montecaseros 2625, Coquimbito, Maipú.

(20 min. from City – Museum)
Popular, old-style winery with two museums on the wine. Restaurant offers gourmet cuisine with a panoramic view.
(0261) 497 6554. Ozamis 375, Gral Gutiérrez, Maipú.

(30 min. from City)
Argentina’s biggest winery is a mix of old and new, traditional and industrial, and has the old train tracks leading up to it.
(0261) 520 7666. Mitre s/n. Coquimbito, Maipú.

El Enemigo
(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
One of Argentina’s most talented winemakers Alejandro Vigil opens the door to this colorful and unconventional boutique operation. Boisterous, gourmet lunches offered. Videla Aranda 7008, Maipú. (0261) 697 4213.

AMP Cava
(30 min. from City)
Premium wines made from different terroirs but all by renowned winemaker Karim Mussi Safe. Technical tastings and a close proximity to the city make it a recommended visit. (261) 4813201/4668048. Gómez Adriano 3602. Coquimbito. Maipú.


 Tempus Alba
(40 min. from City)
Charming family run a winery with modern facilities and terrace with a view.
Carril Perito Moreno 570. tel:  4813501.

(30 min. from City)
Small, charming. French owned winery offering personal tours and well-honed wines. Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees.
(0261) 499 0470. Videla Aranda 2899, Cruz de Piedra, Maipú .

Familia Cecchin
(30 min. from City – Restaurant – Lodging)
A family winery using organic and biodynamic principles where you can see the entire process from the beautiful green vineyards to the minimal intervention winery.
(0261) 497 6707, Ruta 60 , 500mts before reaching Ozamis Sur roundabout Maipú.

Familia Di Tommasso
(30 min. from City – Restaurant)
Officially the second oldest winery in Mendoza and still run by Argentine hands. Their charming and rustic restaurant looks onto the vineyard, just two steps away.
(0261) 524 1829. Urquiza 8136, Russell, Maipú.

(20 min. from City)
Located in the bucolic splendour of southern Maipu, Trivento is owned by the Chilean Concha y Toro. This modern winery has a beautiful deck set amidst the vineyards and offers bicycle excursions within the property.
Ruta 60 y Canal Pescara, 5517 Maipú, Mendoza. (0261) 413 7196.

Valle de Uco

The Vines of Mendoza
(90 min. from City – Restaurant – Lodging)
A cooperative of international wine lovers who have all bought a vineyard plot each in Uco Valley to make their own wine with experts. Add to this a fabulous 5-star hotel and Francis Mallman restaurant and Uco Valley will never be the same again.
Ruta 94, Tunuyán. (0261) 461 3900.

(90 min. from City – Restaurant – Lodging – Museum)
Designed like a temple to wine, this ultra-concept winery includes a modern art gallery, lodge, and chapel set high in the Andean valley.
(02622) 429 500.R.P 89 s/n, Tunuyán.

(90 min. from City)
Modern, imposing winery with magni cent wines, part of prestigious French group Clos de los Siete overkooked by Michel Rolland.
Calle Silva S/N. Vista ores. (0261) 4760695.

Bodega Masi
(90 min. from City – Restaurant)
Fascinating Italian job in the heart of Tupungato with commanding views and commanding wines, especially the Amarone inspired varietals and unusual blends.
Tel. (0261) 156539573.

Bodega Masi
(90 min. from City)
Fascinating Italian job in the heart of Tupungato with commanding views and commanding wines, especially the Amarone inspired varietals and unusual blends. Tel. (0261) 156539573.
(90 min. from City – Restaurant)
This Uco winery has some great white wines, a unique stony roof and they breed their own trout which is served in the charming restaurant.
(0261) 156 855184. R.P. 86 (Km 30), San Jose, Tupungato.

La Azul
(90 min. from City – Restaurant)
Simple, small production winery with not so simple Malbecs, a small traditional restaurant and now a beautiful lodge.
(02622) 423 593.R.P 89 s/n. Agua Amarga, Tupungato.

O. Fournier
(90 min. from City – Restaurant – Museum)
Most architecturally innovative winery with rich, concentrated wines. Excellent lunches in the modernist visitor center.
(02622) 451 088. Los Indios s/n, La Consulta, San Carlos.

Gimenez Riili
(90 min. from City – Restaurant)
A brand new family run affair, part of the exciting Vines of Mendoza project. This is a modern winery in a stunning setting.
(0261) 156317105/ 0261 / 153470392 – Ruta 94 (s/n), Tunuyán.
R.P.N.15 Km 31,5 Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo. Mendoza.

Finca Sophenia
(90 min. from City)
Modern, high tech winery in stunning location. High quality wines overseen by Matias Michellini.
(02622) 154- 45622

Domaine Bousquet
(90 min. from City – Restaurant)
Another French transplant to the Andean foothills of Valle de Uco, this sizeable operation produces high altitude Chardonnay, Merlot and Malbec.
Ruta 89. Tupungato. (0261) 5274048

Corazón del Sol
(90 min. from City)
A stark, modern winery with big, concentrated reds. Californian owned and inspired. Tunuyán. Tel. 0261 659 0043.
http://www.corazondelsol. com

(90 min. from City – Restaurant)
The old-world style tasting room looks upon dramatic views of vineyards against mountains. Probably the best gourmet lunch in the winery.
(02622) 423 226 Ext 113.R.P. 89, Km 11, Gualtallary, Tupungato.

Piedra Infinita
(90 min. from City)
Innovative, elegant and modern, Piedra In nita is the imposing, dramatic contribution of Familia Zuccardi in Uco Valley. Expect rich concentrated wines and exotic varietals.
Open from Wednesday to Sunday.

















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