The Great Mendoza Crown Jewels Robbery

The Great Mendoza Crown Jewels Robbery

diamondYou might not be aware of this but Mendoza has its very own monarchy – a Queen Candela who is an advertising student from Malargue. Her duties include turning up at school openings, cutting the ribbon at the occasional winery and joining thirty other princesses to stomp grapes in a vat in San Rafael.

Her term of office lasts a year and ends in March when another lucky gal is elected during the Mendoza Wine Harvest extravaganza and crowned with an elaborate tiara made from sapphires and emeralds. Candela’s regal reign was somewhat rudely interrupted recently when an audacious burglar stole the prized crown from a jewelers in Mendoza city center.

The theft of the $30,000 US dollar headpiece caused shock amongst the local populace and lead to a bejeweled headhunt for the culprits by the local authorities. The story took a further twist when a well known lawyer suddenly returned the sacred crown but refused to reveal the name of the person who had surrendered it to him.

This has spurred a heated debate over lawyer-client confidentiality and a constitutional crisis has arisen over the whole affair. As for the crown, it has been returned to the Queen’s elegant head and all that remains of the whole sorry saga is a rather large hole left by the diamond thieves in the wall of the jewellery. The police are looking into it.

By Charlie O’Malley