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Sorgin, François Lurton’s first spirit.

Sorgin, François Lurton’s first spirit.

Sorgin (“witch”, in the Basque language) is François Lurton’s first spirit. International winemaker and owner of vineyards in both the Old and New worlds, he descends from a family of winemakers settled in Château
Bonnet, in the Entre-Deux-Mers region.

By the end of 2016, François decided to diversify by picking up the
distillation activity his great-grandfather, Léonce Récapet, had inherited in 1880.

This Distilled Gin was imagined and elaborated to be the natural junction between wine and spirits. It is a complex and generous gin that sublimates juniper and Sauvignon through vegetal and fruity notes.


“Inspired by Sauvignon”, Sorgin is a Premium Distilled Gin enriched with
carefully selected botanicals. Based on a traditional recipe, Sorgin was
inspired by François Lurton’s passion and his special affinity for a specific
wine variety, Sauvignon Blanc, with the aim of giving birth to a delicate and fruity gin.


  • Alcohol content 43% vol
  • Bottle content 70cl or 75cl
  • Composition: water, neutral wine alcohol, juniper distillate, Sauvignon Blanc distillate, Natural flavors, grapefruit zest, lemon, violet, lime zest, broom, blackcurrant buds.

Visually, Sorgin’s clarity reveals all of its purity

The first nose is rather light, smooth and slightly tart.
The global nose is on juniper, balanced with Sauvignon Blanc’s typical citrus and vegetal notes in the background. Very powerful aromas.

Frank attack, progressively opening on a full and harmonious mouth, easily grasped, with appreciable intensity of the aromas. Beautiful persistency with a lot of finesse, where one will find broom and violet notes, perfectly balanced with juniper.

This gin has a solid backbone and authentic personality.

It can be enjoyed dry or with a premium tonic that will emphasize the citrus’ bitterness (lime
and grapefruit) and blackcurrant’s fruitiness. It will marry perfectly with grapefruit or orange zest.

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