Restaurant in Focus – Sushi Club

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

It has only been in the past few years that Mendoza has welcomed Asian cuisine, but sushi is now firmly on the radar with restaurants and deliveries aplenty. This upmarket and stylish sushi joint serves some great sushi and Asian flavors, with fish as cooked or uncooked as you like it. This chain restaurant has all the Japanese classics like sashimi and nigiri along with western hybrids however what really stands out is Sushi Club’s own fusion creations such as their placer real (Royal Pleasure): a gorgeous combo of a sushi roll with palm hearts, cream cheese and avocado topped with passionfruit and shredded potato crisps. Round it off with a pot of steaming jasmine tea and you’ll have a tasty slice of contemporary Asia in Mendoza. This is a trendy place here so expect unsympathetic staff and reservations as essential. Sushi Club, Belgrano 1112. Tel: (206) 429 9316

Published in the August/September 2012 edition of Wine Republic

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