Restaurant in Focus – Maria Antonieta

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Named after the infamously out-of-touch queen in France, Maria Antonieta combines elegance and of course a little decadence, although the decorum is decidedly fresh and modern. White tiles line the walls, and generous bowls of fresh fruit and veg garnish the tables and counters. Perhaps more akin to the tastes and desires of a modern day Antoinette than an eighteenth century one, owner Vanina Chimeno admits to having some similarities with the historical figure, namely her passion for “cakes and sweets, anything gourmet” and “nice dresses and fancy shoes!” This is also a great place for a brunch and coffee with real coffee mugs and scones with homemade jams. The dinner and lunch menu has simple but well made fayre using fresh ingredients and delivering on flavour – check out the Kobi Beef or Pumpkin soufflé with Goat’s Cheese for something a bit different. Maria Antonieta, Belgrano 1069, tel: (261) 420 4322. Closed Sunday evenings. 

Published in the August/September 2012 edition of Wine Republic

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