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On a Roll

On a Roll

Martin Mariangeli
and Fernando Mateo discuss one of Argentina’s greatest delicacies – the choripan

Do you know what a “choripan” is? Have you ever tasted one? Well, if the answer is no, let us introduce you to the incredible experience of eating a “choripan” in the stands of a Mendoza stadium during a football match.
The concept of “choripan” can be defined as: A grilled Spanish sausage (“chorizo”) in baguette bread (“pan”), accompanied by plenty of mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces. It is like a hotdog on steroids and should always be accompanied by a coke.
Now you have the perfect meal that can be eaten at any time during the day. However, the true choripan dining experience is in a football stadium. With great effort we will try to make a picture of this awesome, incredible experience.
First of all, there are a lot of elements involved in a football match: the players, the match itself, the weather, the stadium, the crowd, etc. One element that should not be left aside is choripan. Each time you go to a Mendoza football match, you can’t leave the stadium without having one. As you enter the stadium you see stands everywhere selling the precious meat in a roll. Some people look down on these stands saying: “who could eat something like that?” But don’t let their snobbery turn you against this essential food item—when the same epicures perceive the wafts of grilled sausage, they soon change their minds. The smell is magic and awakes your hunger. The choripan is a local delicacy as authentic as empanadas or dulce de leche.
So, you push through the crowd and order one. While you wait you can intensely observe the choripan cooking process. When the vendor slips the juicy sausage between the bread roll and slavers it with sauces, well, you start drooling. When you finally eat it, it is a moment of pure sensation, a vacation for your senses. Spicy, crunchy, hot, fragrant, greasy – this is more or less what eating a “choripan” feels like.

Final recommendations:
• A “choripan” it must be well-done. Never take it medium.
• Eat before the match or after. During the match you’ll need your mouth empty to shout and curse. At half-time it is not advisable to try to buy a choripan due to the enormous crowds that rush to buy one.
• Don’t ever share. Tell your friend to get his own.
• You may want to take a digestive pill after the incredible experience.
• As regards “the coke”, don’t expect Coca-Cola. It is usually a cheap soda or if you are lucky, it could be Coca-Cola with half glass of water.
• Contact us and we’ll gladly escort you to a football game in exchange for a choripan. Afterall, nothing in life is free.

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