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Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

With over 2 million wine labels in the World, producers have to think creatively now to catch your attention. Argentine wine labels are notoriously old school and conservative but in recent years we have seen a blossomimg of labels that are eye catching and provocative. Wine Republic picks some of the best.



Usually its the alcohol that makes you dizzy. In Pixel ́s case its a label that with the aid of your cellphone lights up into a colorful 3D animation. Beaches, rivers, rottweilers and squawking birds run around the bottle. Drinking wine was never so entertaining. Varietals include Malbec, Ancellotta and Chardonnay. The creators are brothers Francisco and Eduardo Rodriguez, third generation winemakers from the Eastern vineyards of San Martin.

Price $204 pesos at Alpataco wine store.


Alpasion Grand Petit Verdot 2015

This big, expressive wine has got the creators ́hands all over it – literally. The label features the nger prints and handwritten names of Alpasion ́s wine partners, all eighteen of them. And who says winemaking is not a group effort? Talented winemaker Karim Mussi whips everything into shape.

Price $920 pesos at Alpataco wine store.


Forastero Malbec 2015.

Inspired by the famous Johnny Walker label, Forastero is produced by talented winemaker Fernando Ravena. The title means stranger, referring to the winemakers Buenos Aires background.

Price $500 pesos at Alpataco wine store


Catena Zapata Malbec Argentina.

The Mondavi of Mendoza is not well known for adventurous labels. This chimes with the general rule that the better the wine the more boring the label. The Malbec Argentina label however has a amboyant allegory depicting the history of Malbec in Europe and Argentina. The central gure a is a sinister skeleton, symbolising the phyloxera vine disease that ravaged Europe and forced many to ee to Mendoza.

Price $900 pesos at Alpataco wine store.


Criolla Argentina and Aquí Estamos Todos Locos

Lucas Niven made his first vintage when he was twelve years old. Hailing from the Eastern wine región of San Martin, this amboyant young winemaker isn ́t afraid to take risks with his wine and labels.

Price $290 and 350 pesos respectively at Sol y Vino wine store.


The Owl & The Dust Devil

Wine properties don ́t get much more stunning then Bodega Decero. Located in the foothills of the Andes, the area is known as the Pampa de Remolinos and is famous for the numerous dust devils that blow through the vineyards at any one time. The wine is a blend of cabernet sauvignon, malbec, petit verdot and tannat.

Price $920 pesos at Sol y Vino wine store.


Mala Junta

Mala Junta is best translated as “bad crowd” and conveys the winery Donozo-Berlanga ́s wish to appeal to a wilder, younger, more adventurous wine lover. Producing only 15,000 bottles a year, this boutique operation is focused on unusual grapes such as Pedro Ximenez that are easy to drink wines. The label includes a wine award called the “Intergalactic Medal”. It cannot be bad.

Price $510 pesos at Sol y Vino wine store.


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