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Léonce the new Vermouth of Lurton

Léonce the new Vermouth of Lurton

Léonce Malbec is the third release of the Vermouth Range Léonce, created by Sabine & François Lurton as a tribute to Léonce Récapet, ancestor of François Lurton.

Each Leonce expresses a unique wine terroir. For Léonce Malbec, it is the Chacayes terroir, South of Mendoza, in Argentina, where François, one of the pioneers in this area, settled the Bodega Piedra Negra.

Made from a Reserva Malbec fortified with a Pinot Gris distillate, Léonce Malbec is enriched by about 20 botanicals, all from Andes Cordillera and part of them cropped in the Bodega gardens.

It is a complex blend of citrus (peels), spices (star anise, ginger…), aromatic plants (mint, basil, sage, chamomile, lavender…), bittering plants (quiquina, gentian roots…) and very typical South American plants (larrea, matico, sedum morganium, incan tea…) Léonce Malbec is the true reflect of the aromas of these vast areas at the Andes foot in a vermouth.

Visual: Intense color typical to Malbec.

Nose: Sophisticated nose with strong herbal components which do not overtake the Malbec characteristical flavor.

Mouth: A bitter-sweet-alcohol balance. With a distinctive profile, the taste reveals herbal and bitter aromatic variations which are fading with the Malbec roundness.

To be enjoyed chilled. Argentineans would drink it neat or on the rocks. It can also be consumed topped with a premium tonic (70% Leonce / 30% Tonic).


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