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I’ll take a side order of culture please…

I’ll take a side order of culture please…

Bodega Salentein

If you are looking for wineries that offer a bit of culture or art on the side, here are some doing something a bit different.

Salentein. Hats really have to come off to the fab art and sculpture collection at this foreign owned winery. A really good dose of culture with your Pinot Noir.

Art exhibitions in wineries. A lot of wineries have rotating art exhibitions to add a bit of glamour to the bodega – check out O Fournier, Dante Robino, Zuccardi, Cruzat Larrain and the stunning murials at Tapiz.

Oil ‘em up. Along with a host of different touristic activities, Zuccardi’s Olive Oil shed is a nice compliment to the usual wine tour. Here you can see all the processes of olive oil production and do a tasting of the finished product.

A bit of History. La Rural’s wine museum is one of the best in the country with lots of old machinary and tools that were traditionally used in winemaking.

Picnic in the Park. For a lighter lunch option a handful of wineries are offering picnics in their stunning gardens. Alta Vista is the latest to start up picnic lunches but their creative little bento boxes are like a mini art work in itself.

By Gwynne Hogan and Amanda Barnes

Published in the February/March 2012 edition of Wine Republic


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