Winemaker’s Night at Vines of Mendoza

Winemaker’s Night at Vines of Mendoza

Winemaker's Night

For locals that love the winemaking industry or visitors interested in discovering more about the people behind the region’s favourite product, Wednesday nights at Vines of Mendoza is the place to be. Every week, a different winemaker stands up in front of small but intrigued audience to explain the art behind their craft.

For 100 pesos, those in attendance are given three or four wines to taste alongside some bread and cheese. All the while, that evening’s chosen winemaker provides detailed insight into every aspect of their occupation and what it is like to work for a Mendocian bodega.

You soon discover that harvesting, crushing, pressing and fermenting grapes is not just a job for these people, but more a way of life. Even if you’re not the most passionate or enthusiastic wine lover, you’ll be sure to leave with a greater understanding, appreciation and respect.

There is no need to worry about the language barrier either, as a member of the Vines of Mendoza staff is on hand to translate everything into English. You’ll even be able to ask questions and speak to the winemaker directly. From ‘What’s the difference between white and red wine?’ to ‘Do you prefer to use French or American oak?’ all inquires are welcomed.

Therefore, make sure you head down to Vines of Mendoza (Av Belgrano 1194, 5500 Mendoza) at 7pm on a Wednesday night. You’ll be guaranteed an informative, entertaining and enjoyable evening as well as some delectable wine and tasty nibbles.

By Christopher Davies