Windsports in Mendoza and San Juan

Windsports in Mendoza and San Juan

Although you might not be able to do too much when a zonda is in town, these couple of months are ideal for wind sport lovers in Mendoza and San Juan. Here’s a rundown of some top wind sports to try you’re hand at:

Windsurfing. Probably one of the easier water wind sports for beginners, windsurfing is popular in San Juan and Mendoza. The top spot for windsurfing with a strong afternoon wind is Cuesta del Viento150kms west of San Juan. There is equipment rental, campsites and bars to keep you occupied for a long weekend.


Kiteboarding (or kite surfing). A sport that not only requires skill on a board but skill with a kite too. You’ll find lots of kiteboarders in Cuesta del Viento but you’ll also see plenty of colourful kites skirting the waters in Potrerillos Dam in Mendoza. Check out the Kiteboarding World Cup when it comes to visit Potrerillos for a week during 3 – 8 December 2013; or KiteFest in San Juan’s Cuesta del Viento during Semana Santa (Easter week).


Paragliding. Another kite sport but this time with no water involved. The hillsides and peaks are great spots to launch off in a paraglider near both San Juan and Mendoza. In San Juan take a trip to Ullum dam, and in Mendoza look no further than Cerro Arco a couple kilometers from the city. If you are a beginner you can go accompanied by a guide who will navigate you across the sky as you enjoy the bird’s eye view.


By Amanda Barnes

Published in the October/November 2013 edition of Wine Republic