Tasting the Top: Premium Tasting

Tasting the Top: Premium Tasting

premium tasting

Whether you like it or not, points drive people wild. If a winemaker gets 98 points with Parker he can be set for life, whereas winemakers and head of Marketing will unabashedly cry when they get 82 points for a wine, believing that their career is over. Crazy, when out of a hundred any score over 50 would be considered above average in the real world.

Points are crude and harsh. However in many ways they are a good general indicator for consumers about the quality of a wine. Although most people never publish the scores of a wine with less than 80 points, scoring over 90 points is a real point of pride for wineries, and a special tasting in August was held to showcase some of Argentina’s wines that scored over 92 Parker points.

The Premium Tasting is an annual two day tasting showing some of the top scored wines in the country. 14 August was the first day with tasting workshops looking at different aspects of Mendoza’s wine: calcareous soils, Chardonnay, co-fermentations, and unusual wines in Argentina and Chile. On day two the hotly attended top point tasting took place. Around 200 attendees sat down to taste 25 of the country’s top scoring wines blind. It is not very often you get this class of wine all in one room and the chance to taste them all blind alongside each other was equally relished by winemakers, wine aficionados and thirsty consumers. www.premiumtasting.com.ar

By Amanda Barnes

Published in the October/November 2013 edition of Wine Republic