Patagonia Wine Wishlist

Patagonia Wine Wishlist


This wishlist is all about Patagonia. Here are some of our favourite wines that we have tried from the region.

Bodega Sudoeste, Pinot Noir 2010: Winemaker Santiago is out to make a real Burgundy style Pinot Noir and this is a pretty great first attempt. Using traditional Bourgoune techniques in the winery and a prodigal vine with no color but astounding aromas, this blend of two Pinot Noirs is supple and sexy with juicy red fruit, an aromatic mouth, great acidity and a silky finish. $85.

Malma Universio Malbec 2009: NQN has an incredibly distinct style and their icon Malbec is the epitome of that. An elegant and feminine wine with a floral nose and rich, fresh fruit combined with good structure and the trademark Patagonian incredible colour, this is great value for $120.

Malma Universo Malbec 2009

Fin Tannat 2007, Bodega del Fin del Mundo: One of the winery’s owners is a Uruguayan, but this Tannat is a world away from the wine that made Uruguay famous. Incredibly dense in fruit in the nose and with a powerful and spicy finish, this is an interesting wine to drink now but will also age very well. $150.

Special Blend (Fin del Mundo), 2008: This icon blend is the best selection of the harvest and made in partnership with Michel Rolland. Using Bordeaux varietals you’ll find an awesome deep colour, a tight minerality, refreshing acidity and great length as well as lighter notes of eucalyptus and violet alongside rich spice and chocolate – worthy of its ‘special’ name. $250 .

Special Blend 2008

Late Harvest Pinot Noir, Familia Schroeder: Its pretty unusual to get a late harvest Pinot Noir but this wine is a very enjoyable tipple. Nicely savory for a sweet wine, it is easy drinking, fruity and juicy. $70.

Familia Schroeder Blend, 2005: This is the top of Schroeder’s line and its wonderful to see Pinot Noir and Malbec take the centre stage together. A stylish nose with sweet touches of vanilla and rose, good fruit and a lingering finish. $186.

Familia Schroeder 2005

Other recommended bottles:

–       Fin del Mundo Brut Nature, 2008: A 100% Pinot Noir blanc de noir champenoise method sparkling wine, this has a gorgeous complexity, good structure and creamy notes from 36 months on the lees. A superb onion skin color.

–       Newen Torrontes, 2011: It’s quite an experience to try a torrontes from almost the other end of the country to its usual Salta home. Quite a different experience with tart passion fruit and an impressive acidity.

–       Malma Sauvignon Blanc, 2011: A zingy green-hued Sauvignon Blanc with herbal characteristics and citrus zest. The vineyard is named after the original owner’s grandma.

–       Fin Pinot Noir, 2009: This shows all the unique Patagonian characteristics of a Pinot Noir – intense colour and good concentration along with smooth tannins.

–       Schroeder, Barrel Select 2009: Fermented in the barrel, this 100% Pinot Noir is full of your typical red fruits and its refreshing acidity and mellow oak characteristics make it good for food pairing.

–       Fin Merlot, 2007: Merlot often gets a bad rap, but this wine shows off its best qualities – deep berries with a play between sweet and sour and silky tannins.

–       Sudoeste Malbec 2010: Made from vines in La Pampa, this is a Malbec that will take you by surprise. Coming from a unique terroir, it results in an intense but refined wine with spice and pepper notes and a good acidity.

–       Fin del Mundo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2011: A lovely intense nose of black and red forest fruit, good structure and a spicy finish, this is a good value Cab.

By Amanda Barnes

Published in the August/September 2012 edition of Wine Republic