Park Hyatt Unveils Escoriza Exhibit, “La Naturaleza”

Park Hyatt Unveils Escoriza Exhibit, “La Naturaleza”

ImageFor those beyond the fine arts community of Mendoza, the name Carlos Escoriza may not be familiar. His works, however, evoke a certain familiarity with Argentine artistic powerhouses Leopoldo Lugones and Fernando Fader.

“Carne vegetal”, “Jardín caótico”, “Segunda floración”, “Allí donde deshabita las flores.” These titles are among the works currently on display in the a new exhibit titled, “La Naturaleza,” located in the Park Hyatt Mendoza art gallery. At the inauguration of the exhibit last Tuesday, a smiling Escoriza spoke about his works, his influences, and his inspirations.

Born in San Rafael in 1976, Escoriza has spent the past 29 years in the city of Mendoza. Inspired by personal reflections and internal dialogues, his works are steeped in metaphor and introspection. He professes that his artwork is an “internal fable”: a narrative without an explicit trajectory, with multiple directions and interpretations. Among his literary muses are surrealists César Aira and Haruki Murakami.

His new exhibit, “La Naturaleza”, is a story told in the abstractions of the organic world.  In his own words, “nature represents desire as a natural force, an impulse, a search.” Here, an explosion of flowers, there, a perfectly jumbled arrangement of fruit. Desiccated vines juxtaposed with succulent apples.

At the inauguration of “La Naturaleza”, locals and visitors alike strolled between the canvasses, enjoying the paintings as well as the opportunity to speak with the perpetually-grinning Escoriza. “Tonight was a great success,” said curator Cecilia Romera. “There were many people who were not familiar with Escoriza yet tonight were impacted as artists, including artists that already have established careers. There were many people who are interested by art, who enjoy art. This, ultimately, is the most important success of an exhibition.”

Written by Joseph Gibson

The exhibit will remain open until mid-June.

Location: Galeria de Arte, 1st floor, Park Hyatt Mendoza. Chile 1124