Glorious Beer - Oktoberfest

Glorious Beer – Oktoberfest


October is a superb time to be in Argentina, not least because Mendoza’s vineyards burst to life and the summer is suddenly upon is. Oktoberfest is also suddenly upon us and I don´t mean a long trip to Munich. Argentina has its very own mini Munich, in a town of German immigrants called Villa Belgrano in Cordoba ( The second weekend of October this town is thronged with thirsty beer lovers eager to try the vast selection of artisanal beers on offer from the town´s many micro-breweries. Argentina has not escaped the current craze for craft beers and some excellent examples are being made the length of the country from Bariloche to Ciudad de Plata.

Mendoza has jumped on the wagon too (or should that be jumped off the wagon?) as it hosts an annual Beer Festival in Godoy Cruz the first week of December. Barley pop from all around the country is available to try in what becomes a four-day street party with live music and throngs of revelers.

Published in the October/November 2012 edition of Wine Republic