Cocina Mexicana in Mendoza!

10255208_10152186206633337_2788309043832453030_n-1Last weekend, the Park Hyatt Mendoza celebrated Mexico with a proper culinary fanfare. “Cocina Mexicana” is part of the Park Hyatt’s Cuisine Series, a monthly event which features ethnic dishes from a particular country or region.
Dinner included a mouthwatering array of gastronomic delights, from chilled ceviche to sizzling fajitas. Among the more traditional Mexican dishes were chicken with mole (a sauce made with chocolate, eight different varieties of chili, and sesame seeds), guacamole, and roasted fish a la veracruzana. More exotic selections included cabrito (baby goat) with tomato sauce, octopus salad, and beef tongue tacos.
A Mexican festival isn’t complete without tequila, and frozen margaritas and tequila sunrises offered relief from those spicier bites of pico de gallo. Alas, Malbec is the undisputed liquid complement of Mendoza and the selection of the evening was Familia Zuccardi’s “Q”.
Dessert featured mango mousse, corn pastries with dark chocolate, churros, flan, and tres leches cake. The sweets were wonderfully paired with Zuccardi Alma 4 sparkling wine.
Having lived in Mexico for nine years, Executive Chef Alejandro Escudero was the culinary mastermind of the evening. Faced with the challenge of finding Mexican ingredients locally, Escudero often had to innovate with local and regional varieties of peppers, vegetables, and spices. At the same time, he admits that this room for innovation and creativity makes Mexican cuisine one of his favorites.
Next month in the Cuisine Series: Peru.


By Joseph Gibson.
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